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"Afghan Small Business Development Institute (ASBDI), Inc., owes many thanks to people and organizations that have provided and are actively assisting in the fulfillment of its mission.  Our work is accomplished through the collaborative efforts of many dedicated and socially conscious people."

- Mirwais Qader, President

Professor Muhammad Yunus - Grameen Founder (PDF: 170 KB)

Grameen Bank - Banking for the Poor, Bangladesh (PDF: 100 KB)

Grameen Trust - Replication Program, Bangladesh (PDF: 121 KB)

National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) (PDF: 176 KB)

Senior Director of Business Development - QuesTek Innovations, LLC (PDF: 131 KB)
Department of Operations and Information Management at University of Wisconsin in Madison (PDF: 242 KB)

Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship at University of Wisconsin in Madison (PDF: 68 KB)

Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation (PDF: 243 KB)

Secretary of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (PDF: 176 KB)

Office of Organization Management at Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (PDF: 170 KB)

Office of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises at Wisconsin Department of Transportation (PDF: 218 KB)

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