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The following list of resources of references, information, links, templates and other documents are provided to assist people who are interested in business start-up, management and economic development in Afghanistan.  Please use the resources using your best judgment.

ASBDI Forms:
Law on Domestic and Foreign Private Investment in Afghanistan Adobe Acrobat PDF File (20 KB)

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) provides a program for qualified Afghans returning back to Afghanistan from the European Union.  Please visit their web site at to find out more about the programs, funding options available and any additional information.

* US Embassy in Afghanistan

* Business Primer (April 2003) Adobe Acrobat PDF File (238 KB)

Financial Analysis for a Small Business:

FINTEL - Financial Intelligence for Your Business - provides unique and innovative financial analysis and decision-making Web-based, software tools for small business management.

Strategic Business Planning Guide Adobe Acrobat PDF File (41 KB)
Strategic Business Planning Flowchart
Adobe Acrobat PDF File (10 KB)

Business planning is an essential part of any business' long-term viability.  Without planning, organizations (for profit or non-profit) operate in a fire-fighting mode working on tasks rather than strategies and deal with immediate needs rather than strategic needs.  Any business that expects to grow and hopes to become successful, needs to plan at day-to-day operational level, departmental level and organization-wide level, setting the vision for the company.

Marketing Management Guide Adobe Acrobat PDF File (92 KB)

One of the fundamental issues that many businesses have to deal with is managing their marketing efforts.   Most businesses focus on the implementation issues of advertising and selling rather than on the planning process that leads to a successful marketing campaign.  This document overviews a marketing planning process to help achieve successful marketing results.  Remember, marketing is not sales! Sales is the next step, the implementation of marketing strategies.

Determining Customer Needs Adobe Acrobat PDF File (67 KB)

Businesses cannot succeed without an understanding of the needs, wants and behaviors of customers.  Customers drive sales, but not all customers are profitable, therefore, the focus has to be on specific target groups, typically the 20% that drive 80% of a business' sales.

Information Technology Strategic Planning Guide Adobe Acrobat PDF File (96 KB)

Managing Information Technology (IT) requires a disciplined, cautious yet fast-moving approach to identifying emerging technology opportunities to support business initiatives.  With technology becoming obsolete approximately every four years, the task of IT planning becomes even more challenging. The IT Planning Guide provides a framework to plan and deliver IT solutions to business problems.

Negotiation Planning Guide Adobe Acrobat PDF File (20 KB)

Negotiation is the art of attaining a mutually beneficial outcome between two or more parties.  Achieving effective negotiation results involves significant planning and knowledge about the needs (monetary, physical, emotional, etc.), objectives, and options of all the parties involved.  The more you know, the better the results.  The Negotiation Planning Guide is a tool to be used for preparation and planning for any negotiation situation, be it personal or professional.

Working with Difficult People Guide Adobe Acrobat PDF File (47 KB)

Conflict is inherent in any situation where there is more than one person involved. Supervisors and managers are always challenged by the "people" issues that they have to deal with in managing their teams and operations.  To handle the various types of personalities, the Working with Difficult People Guide outlines a simple framework for effectively dealing with difficult personnel.

Quality Management and Process Improvement Adobe Acrobat PDF File (16 KB)

Businesses need a simple yet effective daily management system for staff to identify problems and resolve them in a timely manner.  A good daily management system cannot be copied from someone else or function directly out of a textbook; it has to be developed and integrated in the culture of the organization; there has to be buy-in and understanding by staff and management and it has to be used consistently.

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