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Afghan Small Business Development Institute, Inc.

University of Wisconsin - Madison, Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship

Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation


NBIA - National Business Incubation Association

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Vital Voices - global partnership in support of women

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Review our newsletter for 2009 accomplishments.

We are continuing to securing financing needed to establish several textile businesses that will create jobs and integrate returning refugees and orphans.

Who we are...

Afghan Women In Business is a program of the Afghan Small Business Development Institute, Inc., a private, socially conscious / humanitarian, non-profit, non-governmental, IRS-registered 501(c)(3) charitable corporation.

What we do...

The goal of the Afghan Women In Business program is to assist women in Afghanistan with the capital / funding, skills and education, consultative expertise necessary to start and operate successful micro-enterprises and small businesses.

Our program involves providing credit in the form of micro-loans ($50 to $500) and utilizing Business Incubators (PDF) to provide women with the support structure necessary to start, fine tune, and run a small business operation, thereby creating means for them to become self-sufficient in their communities.  We are particularly focused and interested in supporting women who are (1) widowed, (2) poor, and (3) lack a wage earner in their homes.

We also want to link women in Afghanistan with other parts of the world by assisting them with education and the development of import / export channels for them to sell and buy products and services.

Our ultimate objectives are to (a) assist in the reconstruction and economic development of Afghanistan, (b) provide opportunities for self-sufficiency and (c) promote equality, justice and long-term peace and stability.

Our mission is...

To empower women in Afghanistan in attaining self-sufficiency through social justice, education, credit and the means to do business, commerce, and trade.

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